Oh, hello! I’m so happy you’re here. You are essential to this blog, what would be the point without you on the other side? There are many topics I’m looking forward to writing about but before we can get there I have to start with an introduction {it’s just how my brain is wired, first things first}. I love Jesus. I mean love, deep down into my innermost being kind of love. I am a wife to a man who I can’t get enough of and a mother to two beautiful children, Alaina {3 years} and Elijah {8 weeks}. I keep our babies at home and every day I have the privilege of doing life right beside them. My life has flourished in the past few years and I’ve reached what I consider to be the very best part of it. I’m finding joy in the mundane, between the dishes and the laundry, I get a sense of purpose in my soul that reminds me I’m right where I’ve always wanted to be. I have clarity about my future and dreams of where I’m going. I have hope. I have peace.

I wasn’t always this way.

I spent too many years of my life searching for what I thought would bring me happiness. I looked to material things, people, and substances to feel accepted. In my own ignorance I even looked toward a person to model my life after, I didn’t know how to be ‘me’. I was at university during part of this process when I was introduced to two beautiful people who planted seeds in my heart, reminding me that God had never left. They will forever be special to me. From that moment on my desire for God grew and grew and grew. I remember telling my then boyfriend/now husband what was happening to me and I distinctly recall asking him if he thought I was nuts. I was giving him an opportunity to leave but instead he chose to stay. And good thing he did because I love how God uses him in my life, he is part of who I am today. God showed me he had a purpose for my life and could use every messy part for his glory. I walked in some dark places and I often think about how he’s going to use that because I know he wastes nothing. My life gradually changed and now my journey continues. He has redeemed my life and given me my own life changing testimony.


This blog is now a part of my journey, a personal piece of me. My purpose here is to inspire, share what I’ve learned, be authentic, transparent, and have a good time. I want you to know that inside of you there is a gifting and a purpose on your life and it isn’t too late to lay claim to what is rightfully yours. If you already know this about yourself praise God. If you don’t you can email me and let’s talk.

You were created to live victoriously.



4 thoughts on “Prologue

  1. I’m crying. so happy you and your family are at this point in this journey! can’t wait to read all you have!!! love you x a million


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