Solution for the “Lived-In” Home


I was planning to wait awhile before sharing Young Living because I wanted to have a complete knowledge of the products and personal experience using them. I realized it would be quite some time before I could try every oil, cleaning product, nutrition supplement, and personal care item. Also, I fell in love with my essentials kit and found so many uses that it’s hard to not share. Although I’ve only scratched the surface with essential oils, I’m convinced we will be together forever. Soon after I received my oils I set a mixture to diffuse before I left our home and when I returned later that evening our home smelled fresh and invigorating. I didn’t know this experience was possible and in my head I was holding hands with an oil bottle suited person and skipping off into paradise. There it was, we had found one another.

We live in an older home that has its own set-in, permanent, everlasting “smell”. Not an odor but a… signature smell. I would mask this with a candle or a wax warmer and the fragrance would last as long as the wax was burning/melting but now I’ve found a solution that outlasts that “lived-in” fragrance. I took to pinterest and essential oil blogs in search of inspiration and I found just that. I learned that you can utilize the oils in your home without using a diffuser. I personally love the diffuser and I want one for every room but I also like being able to take a bottle and spray whatever room I’m in.

I also found cleaning mixtures for all areas of the house and I put them to use. Now I can spray my own furniture cleaner without holding my breath and being concerned if it’s going to make contact with the kids. I can blissfully spray away and inhale the air around me without ingesting unknown chemicals. I know what I put in the bottle, I know what I’m breathing in.

 And now I share with you my latest discoveries…


Room Freshener
4 oz bottle
2 oz witch hazel
2 oz water
5 drops of purification


Counter Cleaner
4 oz bottle
4 oz water
3 drops of lemon
2 drops of citrus fresh
5 drops of thieves


Laundry Freshener
{spray in dryer}
4 oz bottle
2 oz witch hazel
2 oz water
10 drops of lavender

I will be putting more information about Young Living on the blog soon but if you have decided you’d like to join me, click here to sign up for your own wholesale membership! {I signed up with the Premium Starter Kit & highly recommend it}

Be blessed!



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