One Day You’ll Have to Adult…


One quality I love about Alaina is her servant heart. She is three and already enjoys helping me with everything. I value that she is able to unload the dishwasher, empty the dryer and load the washing machine. Her skills don’t end there, she knows where to take her dirty dishes and where to put her worn clothes. I wish I could say that I welcome her help every time she offers it. I don’t. I’ve been known to push aside her help in order to get it done faster. Something I love about her I’m quick to push aside, how frustrating! I have to be intentional during the day, to set aside my natural selfishness and stop to include her in what I’m doing. I want her to feel appreciated in our home and to know that what she does is acknowledged. I love when her face is seeking affirmation, I can see it all over her and it’s so sweet to me.

I want to help cultivate her gifts and watch her confidence grow as she successfully completes different tasks. In my own life I have seen that when I stick with something and complete it, I gain confidence to pursue something else. I want that for her so she doesn’t have to stumble with doubting her abilities.

Along with being intentional, I decided to create for her a daily responsibility chart.

asI’m going to frame this and put it in her room with a marker so she can cross out each completed task throughout the day. I can already imagine her saying to her daddy, “look what I did today!”

You’re welcome to print the chart image & incorporate in your home as well!



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