Kitchen Update: Wall Texture How-To

We started updating our kitchen before I was pregnant with Elijah. I didn’t love the direction we were going so I became uninspired and eventually pregnant {a wonderful excuse to not do anything}. Our kitchen has been all over the place for over a year and we’ve finally picked the project back up.

lavbeforSo here it is — the cabinet stain, red walls, and the original wall print. We decided the stain was too dark and we conveniently had a gallon of grey paint in the linen cabinet so we went with that instead. I’m in love with the new cabinet color, it’s so fresh and lightens up our small kitchen. For our walls we went with the texture I did in the living room, you can’t beat an $8 wall finish!


To texture your walls you’ll need ready-mixed lightweight joint compound that can be found at any home improvement store. Start by spooning some into a large bowl. This stuff washes out of everything and cleans up easily.


Once spooned into a bowl, mix the compound until all the air bubbles are out and you reach a smooth consistency. I used a 6 inch wall putty knife for application. Take the putty knife with a good amount of compound on it and apply it to the wall. Start near the ceiling, smooth it down, get more compound and repeat to get a good sized area going. You don’t want it too thick nor too thin but once you start applying it you will see what works for your needs. Take the putty knife and work from right to left and move your hand in a downward motion. Try to make long, smooth, crescent motions onto the wall. When you do this some of the texture will come off and accumulate onto the putt knife, just put it back into the bowl. You don’t have to be precise while making the texture and if you see clumped areas don’t worry about it. Once dried {about 6 hours}, you’ll go back with a small hand sander block and smooth out the hard edges and clumped up compound.

cabtexHere you can see the texture before sanding. There really isn’t a correct way to do it, just try to have fun and be nice to yourself. Once sanded and painted it will look wonderful. If you have any additional questions please leave them in the comments below!

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