Kitchen Update: Faux Granite

Pinterest has a few suggestions of how to apply a faux granite to kitchen and bathroom counters. I skimmed over some of those instructions and decided to go about it my own way using supplies I had on hand. I found painter’s tape in the garage, primer from our bookshelf project, a sanding block from finishing wall texture, and acrylic paint from my craft box. The extra supplies were around $25, making this project great for any budget!

Painter’s tape
Block hand sander
Sea foam sponge
Acrylic paint
Paint rollers

Tape off the area where you don’t want the paint to make contact then lightly sand counters, wipe clean, and roll on primer – this part is messy so use extra care when applying.


I rolled the primer onto the counters one time through and could still see the original pattern underneath so I went with a second coat. Once I had the desired coverage, I used the sea sponge and lightly applied black paint.


 I let the area dry and then added grey {our cabinet paint}, tan, and finished with brown, letting each color completely dry between applications. Once the pattern dried, I sealed it with 3 separate coats of polycrylic.


This finish has drastically improved our kitchen space. The primer application almost got the best of me but I couldn’t go back after reaching that point so I carried on. I hope you try this out for yourself if installing granite isn’t an option for you. Leave a photo or link in the comment section if this post leads you to update the counters in your home. Overall this project was like attending a painting class, you’re unsure of your work at first then you wake up the next day and think, “Oh that looks wonderful!”.

Be Blessed!



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