Susie Davis, author of Unafraid, witnessed the murder of her eighth grade teacher by one of her classmates. Leaving her with deeply rooted trust issues, this experience became an obstacle she had to overcome. The loss of trust in her relationship with God created debilitating fears in her life. She felt as I think many of us have, if God is a good father and can keep bad things from happening to us then why doesn’t he?

“As long as I stayed vigilant, cautious, and wary, nothing bad would happen. Instead of depending on God for protection, I held tight to something destructive.”


I found this book to be well written and easy to read. I was finished in a few days because I had to know how it all worked out for her. Unafraid opened my eyes to see areas in my life that I thought were normal concerns, were actually fears. To be brought to tears at the idea of a close family member taking my daughter to the Children’s Museum, that’s fear. To cry because a family member took my daughter down to the beach to play while I stayed up at the beach house because I was too tired to join, that’s fear. I’ve let fear wreck my emotions because I’ve held on tightly to Alaina, thinking that if I do then nothing bad will happen. The truth is that God is a good Father and He can protect her, that He loves her more than I do.

“Fear whispers when we’re young. It follows us when we’re older. And somewhere along the way, we start to think it’s normal to be afraid.”

If you struggle with anxiety and constant what-if scenarios playing through your head then this book is for you. Susie’s story is comforting, she’s been there, she gets it, and she’s fought and continues to fight fear.

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.

Be blessed,



2 thoughts on “Unafraid

  1. You have no idea how much I needed to read this! I have been fighting the devil way too much lately because of my anxiety and I feel like I’m the only person who fears so much for my child. Its good to know that other mothers struggle with this. Im always praying that God will just take away my fears and let me trust Him especially when it comes my boys. I will definitely be reading this book soon! 🙂


    1. I know how you feel. I struggled thinking I was being a good, concerned mother. I haven’t had the true test of letting her go somewhere without me yet but I feel prepared. I would like to know what you think of the book when you’re finished reading it!


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