Pivotal Motherhood Moment

This morning was spent in tears.

Elijah had his four month well check at 9:30am and I knew I wanted to talk to the doctor about his weight but I wasn’t prepared for the number on the scale: 10 lb. 13 oz.


He is underweight and to a mom who’s passionate about breastfeeding, it’s heartbreaking.

Breastfeeding has been a struggle for me but I’m thankful to have exclusively breastfed for four months. Many people don’t understand how personal it is and their suggestions can be downright hurtful. As a mother, our bodies were created to meet our babies needs so when that isn’t easy, it sucks.

So now our breastfeeding journey has taken a different course, we’re going to supplement. I’ll continue breastfeeding as usual but after every feeding I’ll offer him formula until he is full and satisfied. And in the meantime I’ll be digging and searching how to increase my supply in hopes that we can one day get off of formula. It’s not a part of my plan but I’m trying to embrace the change.

Since we’ve made it home from the doctor I have given him 5 ounces of stored breastmilk. A few minutes ago I walked over to his bouncy and he was sound asleep. That has never happened, he hasn’t fallen asleep without fussing.

He’s happy so I’m going to be happy too.


Be blessed,



4 thoughts on “Pivotal Motherhood Moment

  1. It’s ok ashley. I went thru the same thing with my kids. I couldn’t supply enough to make them full. Ended up supplementing as well. I cried and cried about it and felt guilty. I came to peace with it though and so will you. Good luck 🙂


  2. I went through the same thing and felt exactly how you feel now! I felt so guilty and cried over the fact I had to use formula. But everything will work out and you will come to peace with it! I also used organic mothers milk tea which helped with supply! Doesn’t taste very well but add some honey and it is ok! Best wishes to you!


    1. Thanks Alyssa, I just had a cup of mothers milk tea {you’re right about the taste} & I’m about to put lactation cookies in the oven!


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