I’ve entered into a new season of life and it’s exciting and changing. When I reflect on my responsibilities it amuses me because not one thing was on my ‘life radar’.

In my life I would be dressed up every day heading to an office where I’d climb a corporate ladder and be self-sufficient in my finances. Instead, I’m at home (often in my pajamas) out on complete faith, repeating scripture back to God.

In my life I would have dreamt of being a fashion designer with no confidence to try. Instead, I’ve drawn fashion illustrations (when I said I couldn’t draw), made a few pieces (when I said I couldn’t sew), and started pattern making (there’s no way I would’ve attempted that on my own).

In my life I would’ve stayed on medications and lived with a ‘that’s just what you do’ mentality. Instead, I’m into these weird oils that resulted in a jewelry line where I get to create and design.

In my life I would’ve never had kids because they’d take away from my life. Instead, I’ve learned a new level of selflessness and these little creations have brought unimaginable joy.


Life for me now consists of being a wife, mom, small business owner, house manager, ministry leader, family member, and friend. While I know where my strength comes from, that’s a lot of ground to manage.

So much of my life has been a tiring race of planning and doing. It’s just ‘what we do’ right? We plan and conquer. We try to get done so we can get on to the next thing and our days become blurs of busyness. I could make a daily life checklist and feel temporarily accomplished but there would be no room for excitement in that.

I believe balance comes from finding enjoyment in the season we’re in. To put down the cell phone, to close the lap top, to rest with God, laugh with my husband, make pancakes with my girl, and hold my teething boy. For me, that’s a deeper level of selflessness.

If you’re feeling bogged down and overwhelmed I challenge you to look at areas of your life that are consuming your time but not benefiting your spirit. What really needs a yes and where can you confidently say no? And then there’s that thing called discipline that comes from dying to your self. Ah, there’s the answer I was looking for.

Be blessed,



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