Motherhood on Purpose


“Passing on the gift of inspiration to our children is partly a matter of vision, which helps them understand that God wants to use them in this world to spread his kingdom… The vision defines the purposes of God, but compassion defines the heart of the vision.”


“We are given one chance to live on earth, and the true measure of our success will be our faith, our faithfulness, and our obedience.”


“When it comes to protecting and preparing our children for all that will happen in their lives, the gift of a disciplined mind is one that truly keeps on giving.”


“It is natural to be selfish or self absorbed. Everybody is naturally like that. It is supernatural to see the needs and desire of others and seek their best through your actions.”


“As we launch our children into life from the sanctuary of our homes, the intangible gifts of God will go with them and help equip them for his service. In this, the ministry of motherhood will find its completion.”

Quoted from The Ministry of Motherhood by Sally Clarkson



Essential Oil Blends for Children

As I was browsing my Instagram feed last week I came across a post by The Drip Drop Shop that featured a newly released “Bee Well” Kids Collection. There are not many things that make me feel as though life will not go on without them but this was one of those situations. With my daughter’s enthusiasm and a pre-order discount, I knew I couldn’t pass it up.

As soon as I had my hands on the kit I went to brainstorming what I’d put in them. Alaina eagerly observed as I dropped essential oils into her water colored bug bottles and she couldn’t wait until I finished them to start applying. Between the two of us we had a serious aroma going throughout the house. Now she has her own personal blends to use throughout the day and we’re both happy about that!

I couldn’t keep this good stuff all to myself so I decided to share with my oily sisters! Check out The Drip Drop Shop on Instagram and enjoy these blends I put together that are perfectly suited for your little one.


Bee Well • Immune Support
{Apply to bottom of feet every night}
12 drops of Thieves EO
Fill with carrier oil

Bee Clear • Airway Support
{Apply to chest area as needed}
3 drops of Ravintsara
3 drops of Pine EO
3 drops of Lavender EO
3 drops of Eucalyptus Blue EO
3 drops of Northern Light Black Spruce EO
Fill with carrier oil

Bee Settled • Digestive Support
{Apply to stomach area as needed}
6 drops of DiGize EO
6 drops of Tangerine EO
Fill with carrier oil

Bee Cool • Body Support
Alaina’s “Perfume”
{Apply to neck, chest, and wrist daily}
3 drops of Frankincense EO
3 drops of Clove EO
3 drops of Patchouli EO
3 drops of Melaleuca Alternifolia EO
Fill with carrier oil

Bee Sweet • Mood Support
{Apply over heart and wrist as needed}
7 drops of Joy EO
7 drops of Orange EO
Fill with carrier oil

Bee Still • Rest Support
{Apply to neck, wrist, and bottom of feet every night}
7 drops of Peace & Calming EO
7 drops of Stress Away EO
Fill with carrier oil

Click here for essential oils


“Bee Well” Kids Collection by The Drip Drop Shop 6 rollers with blank recipe cards put neatly together in a metal tin.



I’ve entered into a new season of life and it’s exciting and changing. When I reflect on my responsibilities it amuses me because not one thing was on my ‘life radar’.

In my life I would be dressed up every day heading to an office where I’d climb a corporate ladder and be self-sufficient in my finances. Instead, I’m at home (often in my pajamas) out on complete faith, repeating scripture back to God.

In my life I would have dreamt of being a fashion designer with no confidence to try. Instead, I’ve drawn fashion illustrations (when I said I couldn’t draw), made a few pieces (when I said I couldn’t sew), and started pattern making (there’s no way I would’ve attempted that on my own).

In my life I would’ve stayed on medications and lived with a ‘that’s just what you do’ mentality. Instead, I’m into these weird oils that resulted in a jewelry line where I get to create and design.

In my life I would’ve never had kids because they’d take away from my life. Instead, I’ve learned a new level of selflessness and these little creations have brought unimaginable joy.


Life for me now consists of being a wife, mom, small business owner, house manager, ministry leader, family member, and friend. While I know where my strength comes from, that’s a lot of ground to manage.

So much of my life has been a tiring race of planning and doing. It’s just ‘what we do’ right? We plan and conquer. We try to get done so we can get on to the next thing and our days become blurs of busyness. I could make a daily life checklist and feel temporarily accomplished but there would be no room for excitement in that.

I believe balance comes from finding enjoyment in the season we’re in. To put down the cell phone, to close the lap top, to rest with God, laugh with my husband, make pancakes with my girl, and hold my teething boy. For me, that’s a deeper level of selflessness.

If you’re feeling bogged down and overwhelmed I challenge you to look at areas of your life that are consuming your time but not benefiting your spirit. What really needs a yes and where can you confidently say no? And then there’s that thing called discipline that comes from dying to your self. Ah, there’s the answer I was looking for.

Be blessed,


Pivotal Motherhood Moment

This morning was spent in tears.

Elijah had his four month well check at 9:30am and I knew I wanted to talk to the doctor about his weight but I wasn’t prepared for the number on the scale: 10 lb. 13 oz.


He is underweight and to a mom who’s passionate about breastfeeding, it’s heartbreaking.

Breastfeeding has been a struggle for me but I’m thankful to have exclusively breastfed for four months. Many people don’t understand how personal it is and their suggestions can be downright hurtful. As a mother, our bodies were created to meet our babies needs so when that isn’t easy, it sucks.

So now our breastfeeding journey has taken a different course, we’re going to supplement. I’ll continue breastfeeding as usual but after every feeding I’ll offer him formula until he is full and satisfied. And in the meantime I’ll be digging and searching how to increase my supply in hopes that we can one day get off of formula. It’s not a part of my plan but I’m trying to embrace the change.

Since we’ve made it home from the doctor I have given him 5 ounces of stored breastmilk. A few minutes ago I walked over to his bouncy and he was sound asleep. That has never happened, he hasn’t fallen asleep without fussing.

He’s happy so I’m going to be happy too.


Be blessed,


Motherhood Extras

The past few days of motherhood have been challenging. Simply put, Elijah cries a lot. He is happy and content as long as he is nursing. I understand that he loves the comfort that only I can provide but to say it isn’t overwhelming at times is a lie. One thing that has helped to comfort the both of us is the JJ Cole Agility Stretch Carrier. I’m always asked questions about this carrier when wearing and it’s truly the best baby item I’ve ever purchased. While he’s sleeping I can do laundry, cook dinner, and even work on our kitchen remodel.


 One great thing about having a second baby within 5 years from the first one is that you can reuse the infant car seat. I don’t understand why car seats expire but they do and once the expiration has passed you can’t resell it. I wonder where they all go? If it’s the trash then that’s a complete waste. We use the Peg Perego Primo Viaggio SIP 30-30 in black. It’s one of the heavier seats but installing it into the car is easy and I like the adjustable features once baby is in.


Now our stroller would come in second to the JJ Cole carrier. My sister-in-law picked it out for us when she was working at a bike shop. We were both pregnant at the time {me with Alaina & her with my niece Piper} and she suggested the BOB Revolution SE and I’m so thankful she did. I don’t know if strollers expire but I’m currently using it with Elijah and I have no plans of buying a new one. You can purchase an accessory that will attach your infant car seat to the stroller so you can use it at every stage. I have taken this thing everywhere and it has held up nicely.


The stroller leads me to our diaper bag because of these Valet Stroller Clips from Petunia Pickle Bottom that make toting your diaper bag simple. I used the Boxy Backpack with Alaina and am using the City Carryall with Elijah {everything in black of course}. The Boxy Backpack was great but I wanted to change it up and go with something different for Elijah. Both bags boast an awesome feature: a built-in changing station, it’s so convenient.

centralparknorthstop_bb_front_3 centralparknorthstop_se_cityc_front

The last item that I need as a mom are muslin blankets. My favorite is a fleur-de-lis print that my mom picked up near the hospital I delivered at. I use these as nursing covers, blankets, and occasionally to clean drool and spit-up. A set of three like these from aden + anais are plenty to have on hand.


We’re currently getting along great with these nice extras but looking back on Alaina as an infant, I have two more items worth mentioning. Alaina was so easy to soothe and her favorite pacifier was her WubbaNub brown monkey. He was with her for over a year {that sounds kinda gross now} but he left us when she accidentally tossed him over the Pleasure Pier in Galveston, that ride home was awful.


Alaina was constantly sick with ear infections, colds, fever, and lots of mucus. Nothing helped me more than the NoseFrida. This paired with saline spray helped us to combat sinus infections and get the mucus out. Don’t let the concept of it gross you out, you don’t get anything in your mouth and it’s the most efficient nasal aspirator.


Aside from these, what are some items you feel you needed for the infant & toddler stage? What could you have gone without?


One Day You’ll Have to Adult…


One quality I love about Alaina is her servant heart. She is three and already enjoys helping me with everything. I value that she is able to unload the dishwasher, empty the dryer and load the washing machine. Her skills don’t end there, she knows where to take her dirty dishes and where to put her worn clothes. I wish I could say that I welcome her help every time she offers it. I don’t. I’ve been known to push aside her help in order to get it done faster. Something I love about her I’m quick to push aside, how frustrating! I have to be intentional during the day, to set aside my natural selfishness and stop to include her in what I’m doing. I want her to feel appreciated in our home and to know that what she does is acknowledged. I love when her face is seeking affirmation, I can see it all over her and it’s so sweet to me.

I want to help cultivate her gifts and watch her confidence grow as she successfully completes different tasks. In my own life I have seen that when I stick with something and complete it, I gain confidence to pursue something else. I want that for her so she doesn’t have to stumble with doubting her abilities.

Along with being intentional, I decided to create for her a daily responsibility chart.

asI’m going to frame this and put it in her room with a marker so she can cross out each completed task throughout the day. I can already imagine her saying to her daddy, “look what I did today!”

You’re welcome to print the chart image & incorporate in your home as well!