Motherhood on Purpose


“Passing on the gift of inspiration to our children is partly a matter of vision, which helps them understand that God wants to use them in this world to spread his kingdom… The vision defines the purposes of God, but compassion defines the heart of the vision.”


“We are given one chance to live on earth, and the true measure of our success will be our faith, our faithfulness, and our obedience.”


“When it comes to protecting and preparing our children for all that will happen in their lives, the gift of a disciplined mind is one that truly keeps on giving.”


“It is natural to be selfish or self absorbed. Everybody is naturally like that. It is supernatural to see the needs and desire of others and seek their best through your actions.”


“As we launch our children into life from the sanctuary of our homes, the intangible gifts of God will go with them and help equip them for his service. In this, the ministry of motherhood will find its completion.”

Quoted from The Ministry of Motherhood by Sally Clarkson



Review: Find Your Brave

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Have you ever found yourself in over your head, wondering how you would possibly get through with your faith and sanity intact?

It can happen any time. Life seems good and then—BOOM!—out of nowhere comes a storm that threatens to drown your hopes. Your storm might be a job loss, loneliness, a crumbling relationship, financial ruin, a serious illness, or the death of a loved one. Whatever it is, as the winds howl and the waves rage, you have a choice: will you cower in fear or will you rise to the challenge?

Cancer survivor Holly Wagner has endured her share of storms. In Find Your Brave she examines the dramatic shipwreck faced by the apostle Paul in Acts 27. There she uncovers profound truths that will guide you safely through life’s most difficult moments.

Through solid biblical teaching and relatable personal stories, Holly offers an uplifting, friendly voice in the midst of the gale-force winds and overpowering critical voices. She shows you how to anchor your trust in the God who remains faithful in every storm and in whose strength you can Find Your Brave.

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I recently found myself in a situation where I unintentionally hurt someone close to me. What I thought was truth was actually a lie and I became so swept up and blinded by it that I said things I shouldn’t have. I made a mess and I knew I had to do my part to make it right. I took responsibility, I apologized, and I learned (the hard way) a huge lesson.

It is easy to have hope when we are on the mountaintop. But the truth is, every mountain has a valley. And I have learned that fruit does not grow on the mountaintops—fruit grows in the valleys.

While the relationship was bandaged, I had a huge gaping wound. I wanted to run, detach from everyone, and not be in relationship with anyone. I didn’t know how to pick myself up because I was embarrassed by how deceived I had been. I separated myself for 2 weeks, maybe 3 and I had a pity party. What a great time that was…

As I was scrolling through and thinking of what I’d like to review next, Find Your Brave by Holly Wagner appeared. I have Rising Strong by Brené Brown on my to read list but Holly’s book stuck out to me because she follows the shipwreck that Paul encountered in Acts. I knew in order for my heart to be healed I needed more than an encouraging word, I needed biblical insight.

It is only in navigating the challenges and the trials that we are made complete.

This book was such a comfort. The writing is authentic and friendly with a mix of tough love. Not only does she delve into an array of issues that can come our way but she also addresses the ones we make ourselves. Holly describes the different anchors we need to drop when we find ourselves in the midst of a raging storm-what will keep us grounded when we think it can’t possibly get any better. I highly recommend this book to anyone who’s just going through it and can’t seem to find ground anywhere. If you feel alone or want to be alone in dealing with your issues then pick this one up. You will find guidance, hope, courage, and the strength to get up and finish the race that’s been set before you.

She does not wilt; she does not complain; she does not blame. She finds her brave and she rises. She actually grows stronger in the midst of dark times when it seems as if the whole world is trembling. God is looking for a company of women who will find their brave and rise in the midst of any and every challenge—and then be a force for good to help others find their brave.



I received this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for this review.

Be Blessed,